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Does sex beat compatibility?

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Does sex beat compatibility?

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Dear Christine,

I have met a man who is charming and caring and wants to move in or marry me, whichever I want. We are both over 60 years old.

The problem is that he definitely thinks sex is an important ingredient in a relationship and I think compatibility and other factors outweigh it. What are your thoughts?

– D


Dear D,

First, even though the choice is yours, I’ll advise you to marry this man and not simply move in with him if you really love him.

Second, I think both sex and compatibility are important. One should not necessarily outweigh the other, but each should strengthen each other.

Compatibility you have, if you find him charming and caring. His other factors you don’t specify. So it comes down to his wanting more sex than you do or having it on his mind more than you do.

This is an important issue and you should have an understanding about it before marrying him, if it boils down to that.

If you marry him, and find him to be a good companion day in, day out and he wants sex more often than you do, this is less troublesome than another possibility I have in mind.

You will both have to find ways to ensure that both of you are being satisfied. This means there should be no room for selfishness.