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From The Archives: Guilty Goring

From The Archives

From The Archives: Guilty Goring

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VICTOR “PELE”PARRIS was murdered at Atlantic Shores on May 16, 1978 by his lover Hyacinth Goring …

And police officers, Inspector Byron Clarke, Sargeant David Callender and Constable Victor Mason, along with Scofield Smith and his wife Pauline, conspired to pervert the course of justice …

Those were two of the findings of the Malone Commission of Enquiry into unsolved murders whose 231-page report was laid before the House of Assembly yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Bernard St John.

The commission cost the Government $183 000.

In its findings, concerning the death of Parris, the commissioners concluded that he was shot in the cul-de-sac at Atlantic Shores by Goring, but admitted they did not know what the motive was. However, they speculated it might have arisen out of a sexual affair.

They thought that Parris names Goring as the person who had shot him and that Callender and Mason had realised he had done so. For this reason, the commissioners felt, the evidence of the hospital staff had been suppressed.

They could not say what motive or motives drove Clarke, Callender and Mason to cover up for Goring, but the commissioners said that they were satisfied that the motive was not political.

They were also satisfied that the car seen by the couple, who gave Goring a lift from the scene, to the home of the Smiths, Everest McComie and Heather Williams, and which has not been traced, was not the get-away car of a gunman.

Based on their findings, the commissioners advocated the prosecution of Hyacinth Goring for the murder of Parris, and Clarke, Callender, Mason, Scofield Smith and Pauline Smith for conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice.