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From The Archives: New Year home for dustmen

From The Archives

From The Archives: New Year home for dustmen

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A NEW BUILDING costing some $1.6 million is expected to be occupied by the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) workers by the first week of January.

This was stated last Friday by Minister of Health, Miss Billie Miller, when she visited the building still under construction at Wildey, St Michael.

She said that it was only phase one of the plan, but that the section was expected to house most of the operations which are currently carried out at the old site at St Cecilia, Passage Road, St Michael.

The minister said the building would be completed by year-end.

For offices

Miss Miller said that she was not sure when the second phase would be started, but noted that this section would be primarily for housing the offices of the authority.

She said that inflation had had no effect whatsoever on the construction of the operation so far.

“We are well within the costs,” the minister said.

She said the service would be expected to be better when the workers moved into their new premises.

“We can give a much better service because the workers will be happier with the facilities.”

Large workshop

Miss Miller pointed out to the Press and members of the Barbados Workers Union that the present facility would have a very large workshop, and its own petrol pump.

Mr. Josiah Eastmond, a loader from the SSA said that the other sanitation workers were very pleased with the planned facility, and he hoped that it would improve the present standard, as the conditions at Passage Road were less than satisfactory.

Said Eastmond: “The sanitation workers are not treated with any respect by the general public, but I hope that with the new and improved facilities, that this would lead to an upliftment of the workers.”