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From The Archives: Some of the fine things made at Glendairy

From The Archives

From The Archives: Some of the fine things made at Glendairy

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PRISONERS’ EXHIBITION 1980, which started last Friday at the Black Rock Cultural Centre, has now come to an end.

The annual three-day exhibition was opened by Minister of Education and acting Attorney General Mr. Louis Tull and was put on as a means of portraying the various arts and crafts of the inmates of Glendairy Prison, and to provide a market for them.

Tull, in his opening remarks, said that such exhibitions can play an important part in the effective rehabilitation of offenders and can also go a long way toward assisting in the prevention of crime.

He added: “If people can be helped toward a positive self-concept, if they be given marketable skills, it is less likely that they will want to take to crime.”

There were some 50 or more items on exhibition.

These articles included mahogany crafted dining room sets, a four-poster bed, living room suite, cabinets, bureaux, plant stands and lam stands, all of Barbadian mahogany.

Also among the exhibits were poetry, various designs in string-art, crocheted hats and mats, embroidery, art, plant holders, lamps, clothing and decorated cakes.

The three-day show, which ended on Sunday, proved to be a great success, as many of the items for sale were consumed.