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Pity to lose all this rainwater

Mike Clarke

Pity to lose all this rainwater

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I would like to know if with all the rainfall recorded in the past week, whether we were able to capture a portion of that in any ponds, swamps, or dams.

It would indeed be a great pity if that water simply went to waste for the most part. I am sure that a lot of it simply washed away a lot of the mud and also ended up in the sea.

It would not be a surprise to hear early next year that the water levels are low and about people experiencing water shortages for days if not weeks.

I feel that the Government ministries responsible for water resources as well as the Barbados Water Authority ought to address this issue.

It is no longer the preserve of a few engineers and water management specialists.

Thanks to the Internet and also for those of us fortunate to attend various conferences, the matter of water management is now a topic of wide discussion.

We are lagging and generally poor in this regard.