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REMEMBERING DAVID: Memorable quotes

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REMEMBERING DAVID: Memorable quotes

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The following are some memorable quotes from the late David Thompson.

On Nation-building

* “Without strong families we cannot survive . . . Families are like gardens: if they are not tilled, cultivated and nourished, they will be barren.” – November 11, 1997

* “Every family needs help to acquire decent affordable housing. One of the priority areas should be to help poor families to get a roof over their heads.” – December 1, 2006

* “We challenge our schools, invite our churches and encourage every Barbadian to live as if we are all parents responsible for all of our children. Children are our future. We must not fail them.” – November 30, 1997

On National Issues

* “Barbados cannot linger any longer to suffer from crime, violence and drugs. It cannot continue to live in fear.”– January 7, 1999

* “We all know the importance of decent housing to individual and social development, poor health, in an era of pandemics and lifestyle diseases, and the fear to walk the streets of Barbados and to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour in the safety of one’s own home.” – March 18, 2008

* “Unless black men and women, as well as white men and women, are able to talk about the black experience without being accused of racism and hatred, we cannot fix our vision on a destination as Barbadians. We cannot dream together and we will not share together. We are not at that stage today. But, with God’s help and inspiration, we must get there.” – August 1, 1998

On People

* “Words cannot express the excitement and pride felt by Barbadians around the world when our superstar Rihanna won her first Grammy Award after being discovered merely two years ago . . . thank you, Rihanna, for remembering Barbados.” – December 12, 2008

* “His [Harold Hoyte] tongue is as sharp in criticising me for what he deemed my political mistakes as it has been encouraging when my political soul was laid bare.” – January 26, 2007

* “They [National Heroes] inspired their citizens to greatness. These were men who led from the front, breaking down the cruel barriers of poverty, disease, illiteracy and domination and fighting the battle for our Independence and sovereignty in the region.” – September 9, 2007.

On the DLP

* “I believe the Democratic Labour Party has a very bright and vibrant future in Barbados and I will contribute whatever I can at whatever level to the institution.” – July 11, 1999

* “The DLP will not be silenced . . . Our position is that the objectives of this transaction can be achieved without Barbados and Barbadians bidding farewell to yet another of its cornerstone institutions.” – July 22, 2007

* “I urge all within the hearing of my voice to join with us tonight and rally together as one against the conspiracy that is set to be played out against the people of this country. Prepare your neighbour, family and friends for the possibility of being offered favours by Barbados Labour Party operatives. I cannot tell you not to take what they offering . . . but I urge you to vote with your conscience on election day and return the team of the Democratic Labour Party to office.” – May 9, 2003

On Foreign Affairs

* “I do not interfere in the domestic politics of other nations. But while I was born in England, I am a Barbadian, and as leader of my country I have a right to say the British Government is wrong, unreasonable and unfair with regard to the introduction of this new tax.” – October 2, 2009

* “Having lived in Trinidad and Tobago, married a St Lucian, inherited Guyanese blood, done a little work in almost every island I have come to the conclusion that New Year’s resolutions are not designed for Caribbean people.

“Let’s face it. We all have great and lofty intentions. We write them down or commit them to memory. Long lists are made with love, care and much ambition. We even take the first step in the process. But we are not the kind of people who can refuse the flow when it wants to go with us.” – January 1, 2003

*Compiled by Librarian Monie Barrow and Associate Editor Toni Yarde.