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Desperately need income tax return

Michelle Clarke

Desperately need income tax return

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I WRITE THIS MESSAGE at this late hour as I am frustrated and getting to the point of giving up on everything because I cannot pay the few bills I normally cover with my income tax return.

My house insurance is due in two weeks time. My land tax and now solid waste tax. My Christmas groceries and all I will not be getting.

I was on welfare once and I don’t want to go back there.

I tried to make my life and my children’s own happy and comfortable but now I just feel so fed up and frustrated.

I borrow money from people to do a few things and now I can’t even pay back.

I always depend on my income tax to wrap up my bills I have outstanding and to do a bit of shopping but this is going to be another sad day. What can I do?

I need help fast I just need to keep a roof over my head for Christmas, please. I pay taxes every month. This pain is killing me slowly.

Everyday I look in the mailbox for my cheque but I am done looking. I really am. Even if I don’t get my full amount I just need to get my insurance paid and my land tax.

People always saying young people don’t like to work or do nothing good but I can assure you I did my best and I do not want no welfare I just need my money to make my children happy for the holidays like any other child.

I just can’t take the pain of not knowing if the bank will give me a break for not paying the insurance to cover the house.

I need my money, please.

Michelle Clarke