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From The Archives: Saved from swim to Germany

From The Archives

From The Archives: Saved from swim to Germany

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A 60-YEAR-OLD BEACH RANGER with the National Conservation Commission (NCC) last Thursday received the shock of his life.

He had, just after 4 p.m. hurried off his uniform and snatched an apparently drunken Germany visitor from the jaws of death at Dover Beach when the visitor said: “Thank you very much, but I … I … was only trying to swim back to Germany.”

The act of mercy was performed by George Williams of Maxwell Hill, Christ Church, a ranger with the NCC for the past 22 months.

Describing the incident, he said: “At about 4:25 p.m. I was travelling along Dover Beach when I saw this man who appeared as though he had had a few drinks too many, so I kept my eyes on him.

“While watching him, I saw him going towards the sea in a kind of staggering way and so I kept my eye more closely on him

“When I saw he was in trouble I took my clothes off and went for him. I always keep my bath pants under my uniform.”

Williams said he had seen the German for the first time on the day of the incident and after he had been thanked over and over again for rescuing him, the visitor invited him to his apartment.

The ranger explained that he was still on duty and declined the offer.