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GAL FRIDAY: Job well done, children

Veoma Ali

GAL FRIDAY: Job well done, children

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MUSICAL. To me, that is the perfect description of the way we Caribbean people speak.

I awoke this morning, hoping to get some inspiration, so as to tickle you. Little did I know that it was I who would have been laughing, even before I rolled out of bed.

Obviously somebody was upset, since one called the other a name that seemed irreverent and unministerial. Although the two parties in the near distance were shouting insults at each other, it sounded almost amusing to me.

In fact, with little effort, I could set their words to song. The musical melange of Bajan and Trini cussing got me out of bed to take a peep.

As I looked out the window, I could see that the argument was due to one man having taken the other’s usual parking space. And then there was a woman. Well, in that instant, as I brewed my non-instant, Blue Mountain coffee, there was a sudden eruption, in a different accent.

Oxymoronically, it was a melodious yet vicious; harmonious yet discordial; verbal thrashing. I became concerned, since the vociferous Jamaican female was near to the trash cans and I was almost certain that she’d start hurling more than just abuse.

I was right.

She began flinging bins, while the men were still flinging arms. Altogether, it was now a cacophony of Caribbean inflections that now seemed more comical than impertinent. Reader, I wish you could have been there to see it. Because, just as the second trash can was pelted, along came an inhuman German.

A panting breed, ready to tear off pants . . . and skirts, if you upset him. Ironically, the German shepherd was the peacemaker, since every man and woman disappeared into their cars, with blasphemous but lyrical expressions.

Amidst “rahtids” and other more colourful expletives, the canine calmly watched the cars drive off. I suspect it was a genius stroke on the part of one of my neighbours to send the trusted dog to simply walk around the parking lot.

Musical done, just like that. The power of a dog, eh?

Before I go, I must tell you about a musical that I actually planned on enjoying. Peter Pan was to me, the best pantomime put on in the last five years. If you haven’t seen it, I can tell you, it is worth a watch.

They even started on time; and some folks in the audience – to my pleasure – actually sang the National Anthem so I didn’t seem like the oddity, for once.

But, seriously, when you see children performing with such excellence, you begin to feel a ray of sunshine caressing you at the back of your neck, assuring you that all is not lost; and, in fact, much is to be found among our young people.

To tell you the truth, I admired how these children perfected their lines, with Broadway-like performances and props you could really be proud of.

Great job, little people. And to little Miss Raine Wood: Keep dancing!


Veoma Ali is an author, actor, broadcaster, advertising exec, and most important, a karaoke lover.

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