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LIME decides against bill fee


LIME decides against bill fee

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LIME’s paper bills will remain free.

Today the company announced a decision not to implement the $4.68 fee on January 1, 2015, as previously announced.

LIME said the decision was  in response to customer feedback.

LIME Caribbean chief executive officer Martin Roos said, “I’m pleased to announce that we will continue free paper bills beyond January 1, for those who prefer this traditional method.”

He added: “LIME is a customer-focused company that listens to the feedback of our customers and although a number of our customers are in favour of online e-Bill payment option, some customers still prefer their paper bill by post and so we will aim to satisfy the request of both groups.”

We are encouraging our customers to sign up for e billing and it will be part of our upcoming Christmas promotion. We will also be rewarding customers who have signed up for electronic billing and will not be penalising customers for printed bills. Customers will receive information about these rewards at a later date.”

LIME has upgraded its eBilling system and is inviting customers to choose the environmentally friendly method of receiving their bills.

“We want customers to sign up to electronic bills and our team in store can provide assistance to persons wishing to do so however there will be no charge. Receiving your bills by email is a growing industry trend that the company hopes it will be able to adopt with greater broadband penetration in the future,” Roos said. (PR/NB)