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Travelling man


Travelling man

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TO CALL Torbjorn Pedersen well-travelled would be a gross understatement.

That’s simply because in the past 13 months Thor, as he is more affectionately called, has travelled to 66 different countries across the globe. What’s more, at the end of the next
36 months he would have journeyed to another 137.

Why would a nice looking, seemingly intelligent and sane man leave the comfort of his Copenhagen, Denmark home, his job and his girlfriend of one year, Le Gjerum, duffle bag and handy day pack in tow to embark on a mission to travel to 203 countries in under four years?

Laughing out loudly during an interview with the WEEKEND NATION on Wednesday, Thor quipped that he, too, sometimes asked himself that same question. But on a serious note he said that his journey was to show people a view of the world contrary to the disease, war, poverty and disaster that he said was often broadcast in the media.


Please read the full story in today’s Weekend Nation, or in the eNATION edition.