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From The Archives: Vehicle owners told to be wary of thieves

From The Archives

From The Archives: Vehicle owners told to be wary of thieves

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ALMOST EVERY DAY this year, articles have been stolen from motor vehicles across the island and police are calling on vehicle owners to be more cautious, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Police public relations officer, Inspector Jeffrey Howell, said though the statistics indicate a decrease in these crimes between January and October, these types of crimes are gradually increasing.

Last year there were 392 thefts from motor vehicles between January and October, and so far this year the figure stands at 302.

Some of the items stolen from vehicles included bags, steamers, sunglasses, radios, cash and in some instances windshields and licence plates were stolen in broad daylight.

A windshield of a Suzuki van was stolen in front of a Harbour Road business and cars have been driven off while their owners or users were inside houses and businesses places.

The inspector is therefore reminding vehicle owners to take their keys out of the ignition while they go about their business.

“People are continuing to park either in dark areas or areas where perpetrators are able to operate without being seen,” he added.

Howell also noted people were committing more of what he called “cross-border” crimes and were stealing licence plates belonging to a car registered in Christ Church and travelling to St Lucy to commit crimes.