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MAVIS BECKLES: Rain causin’ nuff pain

Mavis Beckles

MAVIS BECKLES: Rain causin’ nuff pain

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While some people was enjoying dem two days o’ heavy rain dat we had last week, duh had another set o’ people who was in sheer misery and still are, all like now so.

Some people, especially the ones in the St Andrew and St Joseph parishes who probably was praying like crazy fuh the rains tuh stop, and when it finally did, it was not a pleasant sight at all, especially fuh the poor people in White Hill, St Andrew.

When I see all o’ dah damage dat the water caused up in there, all I could say was, “Lord have mercy ’pon these poor people!” Nuhbody cahn get in and nuhbody cahn get out ’cause all the roads brek ’way and mash up. The people say dat most o’ the times duh doan even get nuh running water and now this sort o’ thing could happen.

So I suppose the waterworks truck does have tuh go up in there on a regular basis. I tell ya, dat now is a bigger headache ‘cause I ain’t know how the truck gine get up in there. One o’ the women say dat she feel as if dem cut off from the rest o’ Barbados and the Government like duh forget dem. My Lord!

There is nothing anybody could do ’bout the land slippage in neither St Joseph nor St Andrew because o’ the type o’ soil dem two parishes got but cud’dear, duh could do something ’bout dem poor people who suffering day after day, week after week, year in and year out and cahn seem tuh get nuh kinda relief at all.

When I hear people talking ’bout the Government should do this or the Government should do the next, I does get annoyed and tell dem dat it ain’t evahthing the Government should do, dat people could and should get up and help demselves sometimes. But this is one time I would say dat the Government should come tuh the rescue of these people in the Scotland District area. It is about time dat these people get some kinda relief man.

I think the Government, instead o’ throwing ’way good money trying tuh control the slippage by building dem gabions or wha’ ya call dem wid the rocks and Chicken cub wire; should stop wasting good time and money and get some land, build proper houses and put these people out o’ this miserable situation. Something like what was done for the people from Chapman Lane and the Orleans.

It is only a matter o’ time before tragedy happens in dat area; something horrible like somebody or a whole family getting carried away down in tuh one o’ dem gullies wid duh house, God forbid.

I pray dat it would nevah happen but you could imagine trying tuh sleep through all o’ dah pouring rain while praying and hoping dat the land holds, the li’l house stay intact and you and you family live tuh see another day?

How long must these poor people live like this before they could get some kinda relief? Ya mean something horrible have tuh happen first before duh do something ’bout the situation? The reporter ask one o’ the ladies if she would like tuh relocate and wid-out hesitating, the woman said, “Yes, please.”

Of course, some damage was done tuh quite a few other places ’round the island but I think the lot o’ talk and fair promises have tuh stop. Serious attention should be paid tuh and priority should be given tuh all o’ dem people in St Joseph and St Andrew whose houses beginning tuh slip off the props, who experiencing water woes and who crying out fuh help.

Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.