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Pride in Independence


Pride in Independence

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Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School in the Pine and Wills in Dover were just two educational institutions which celebrated Barbados’ 48th year of Independence in a big way yesterday.

With the little and big ones along with the teachers bedecked in the colours of the Flag, both schools chose poetry, song, dance and a host of other activities to celebrate the occasion.

The children and adults at Wilkie Cumberbatch enjoyed the treat presented by a stilt walker as well as a homegrown Mudda Sally.

Both Wilkie Cumberbatch and Wills continued the celebrations for the entire day with the culinary Bajan delights of conkies, fish cakes, mauby and the like on sale.  

Wills also set up a display of Barbadian artifacts like the jooking board, coal pot and manual mincer.

The offering from a snowcone vendor at Wills was a hit with the children as the line of buyers seemed to snake constantly. (KB)