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Gun feud


Gun feud

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A gun battle has erupted between the police force and a licensed firearm holder over restrictions by the police chief.

Attorney Garth Patterson, a licensed firearm holder since 2000, is asking the court to review a decision by the force that created different classes of firearm licences and affects his ability to carry around his gun or to stock bullets for it.

The lawsuit is as a result of attempts by the Royal Barbados Police Force to clamp down on perceived rising gun violence and weapons smuggling by limiting those already granted licenses. But the move has drawn the ire of the legitimate gun holders who have their firearms either for personal protection or sporting activities.

Patterson was first cleared in December 2000 for a 9mm pistol for “target practice only” and after purchasing a gun was issued with a licence under Section 5 of the Firearms Act to have, carry and use the gun along with provisions for having not more than 50 cartridges.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.