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Blue vex

Antoinette Connell

Blue vex

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An early morning JetBlue flight was forced to return to Barbados yesterday just after take-off and while it landed safely, the experience has left one passenger considering legal action.

Dawn Wilson-Reid said the incident left her so shook up she had to seek medical attention, which was then compounded by her treatment by the airline after she tried to explain why she could not take the next flight out.

The 27-year-old visitor, a Guyanese living in New York, was returning home after spending four days here, primarily to attend a wedding. Wilson caught the 3:35 a.m. Flight 1562 and felt she would make it home in time for work, but then trouble started.

“The plane went up in the air but it started to drop. The captain said keep your seat belt on, that we are having a problem,” Wilson said.

She recounted how the overhead cabins kept opening, and in fear her life flashed before her eyes. By the time she disembarked the plane she had an anxiety attack.

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