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FTC wants to hear from you


FTC wants to hear from you

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THE FAIR TRADING COMMISSION (FTC) is inviting residents to submit their comments on the proposed merger of two of the telecommunications providers in the Barbadian market.

On its website, the FTC said it received an application from Cable & Wireless Communications Plc and Columbus International Inc. seeking permission to merge the two entities in Barbados on November 24, 2014, and under Section 20 (7) of the Fair Competition Act, the Commission was currently assessing the proposed merger transaction.

As a result, it was inviting “all service providers, businesses, representatives of consumer groups, non-governmental organisations, residential consumers and all other parties with an interest in this matter, to submit their comments on the merits or demerits of the proposed merger”.

Comments should be made via mail or email ([email protected]) by December 15, 2014.

The FTC is also encouraging members of the public to fill out one of two surveys as they continue to assess the state of the local telecommunications industry.

“Recent announcements regarding the proposed merger between Cable & Wireless Communications plc and Columbus International Inc. underscore the need to fully understand the dynamics within the industry and in so doing, assess how telecommunications products and services are used by consumers, evaluate the activities within the Telecommunications industry, and record the experiences faced by consumers,” the FTC says.

There are two confidential surveys – one residential, the other corporate – which seek to gather information from consumers.

Click here for residential survey.

Click here for corporate survey.