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Kolij old boys to hold court

Justin Marville

Kolij old boys to hold court

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Apparently Kolij’s basketball renaissance doesn’t end with this most recent championship.

Stars from the current generation and years gone by are set to take the court to settle the school’s best era, as the Old Harrisonian Society prepares to launch the Clash of the Decades Basketball Tournament this month at Crumpton Street.

Tournament organiser Shane Sandiford announced details of the competition as part of a five-year strategic plan during the handing over of sponsorship money from financial partners Scotiabank on Wednesday.

“It started informally over the last five years where a couple of the old guys would get together on Saturdays at the school to scrimmage, and those same younger guys would turn up at the old scholars’ game before the current team beat us for the first time four years ago and that got our attention,” explained Sandiford.

“So we thought to get some of the old scholars together with the current basketball team just to foster a closer relationship, make the current crop aware of the achievements of the past years and let them know of the tradition they are upholding.

“But what’s also of concern to the old scholars is the condition of the school as we go there every Saturday and see the deterioration. So we also want to do some improvements to the school and give back in general which is part of a whole five-year plan for the school,” he added.

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