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MAVIS BECKLES: Looking forward tuh Christmas

Mavis Beckles

MAVIS BECKLES: Looking forward tuh Christmas

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EVERY YEAR around this time so, most people does be starting tuh prepare for a real happy festive Christmas season.

A lot o’ people does be excited about the shopping, bargains and giveaways dat would normally come along wid the season. Some people, even if duh doan want dem, does be still out and about looking at, and fuh more, curtains and other furnishings so they could, as one o’ my sisters would say, every single year change up the place,

Talking ’bout my sisters, I got one who love curtains suh much dat she does have enough tuh give away. Boh, she is one o’ dem people who does have a different theme every single year. One year she had silver, another year red and another gold and if you think dat duh gine be any old beaten up, bad looking decorations pon my girl tree, you got another thought coming. Oh wait!

And If you think dat dem decorations gine be going on ’pon any old dead tree, you got yet another thought coming. My girl must have a big, live Christmas tree right up in she front house; ya must be able tuh smell the tree all through the house.

I really cahn say dat I blame her because we grow up in a very large family and even though we did real, real poor, we used tuh look forward tuh Christmas. It was one of the most beautiful times of the year. Somehow Christmas even had it’s own unique smell.

At Christmas some people does be looking forward tuh having family, friends and people who dem ain’t see all year long – the ones they ain’t see in donkey years. The ones they butt-up ’pon in town or in some o’ the malls around the island. But most, if not evahbody, does be looking forward tuh having a wonderful Christmas. Christmas got a way o’ doing dat tuh you.

I gine tell you the truth, though. I would love there tuh be peace on Earth and goodwill tuh all men, women and children; but I know dat a good few people gine be seeing it very rough this Christmas because this year some people would have been laid off or lost duh jobs. Then there are the ones who would have lost duh homes and all their possessions in house fires during the past year and the families who still reeling from some recent tragedy or the other.

 And then there are the people like dem poor families up there in White Hill, St Andrew, and other areas like dat who might be going through the same uncertainty, fearing fuh duh homes and families: these kinda people so might not even think dat dem got anything tuh celebrate given their present circumstances.

I pray dat God will give these families peace so dat they won’t get too lost and absorbed in their grief dat they come tuh despise the season, what it used tuh be tuh dem and what it really means at all.

 Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.