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Run from this jealous man

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Run from this  jealous man

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Dear Christine,

I am currently engaged to my fiancé, who is 35 years old and sometimes behaves like he is three. I love this man and care for him immensely but I am beginning to wonder how long I will be able to put up with his jealous traits.

He accuses me of carrying on affairs with almost any man with whom I have any kind of friendship.

First, it was my boss, with whom I attended a business luncheon. I simply mentioned this to him during a casual conversation and he ranted and raved about how my boss is probably trying to “get up” to me. He also said he always suspected there was something going on between us.

Christine, I have been working for the company I am at for the past six years. My boss is a happily married man and a Christian.

I got very angry when this incident took place and he eventually apologised.

About a week later, we were shopping at a local mall when I ran into a former neighbour who greeted me with a hug and started to ask me what had become of me. We had not seen each other in ten years. Would you believe after this man walked away, my fiancé wanted to know if he was a former lover?

I let that one slip and refused to answer the question because I did not wish to create a scene. This man seems to be jealous of every man whom I know, including my brother-in-law and cousin whom I am very close to.

   My fiancé and I will be getting married in eight months but I am wondering if this is the right move for me, based on his jealous behaviour. Do you think after we get married he will be sure of his love and stop this cruel behaviour?

   I am at my wits’ end. After these and other incidents, I am wondering if I should go through with marriage. Please share your thoughts with me.

– K.L.


Dear K.L.,

I honestly do not think that marriage will change this man’s behaviour. He is extremely insecure, has a suspicious mind and obviously does not trust you. After you are married, all this will hardly stop. Seriously consider getting away from him and start dating more secure men.

You have been given a glimpse into what your future life will be like with this man and the picture is very cloudy. Take heed and run.