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STREET BEAT: Sheraton place of choice

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

STREET BEAT: Sheraton place of choice

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SHERATON CENTRE is said to be the mall that has it all and to the people who shop there, it really does.

This Christmas, not everyone will be going to Bridgetown to shop as some say they do not like the crowds, heat or parking problems, so they take a trip instead to Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church, even if they live closer to the City.

Chris Jones was in Abed’s looking for a dress shirt for church, a Christmas gift to himself of sorts as he planned to spend some time praising God during the season.

“It is much easier here,” he said. “In Town you have to look for parking then walk around to find all the places and it is quieter here, at least  for now.”

street-beat-christmas-at-sheraton-11Jones also added his opinion on how Christmas had changed over the years.

“It is more commercial now but these are ever changing times. It is more a money-making thing than anything else now,” he said.


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