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Time is right for Govt to give up CBC


Time is right for Govt to give up CBC

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I WOULD LIKE to advise that the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) should be privatised. It is already partly privately owned, unless I am mistaken.

If the Government were to offer to liquidate its shares in the corporation I am fairly certain that it would find a large number of Barbadian individuals and firms eager to buy a part of the offered shares.

Selling off CBC would allow the Government (and here I am not referring to any particular Barbadian administration) to finally put to rest the suspicion on the part of the general public that the corporation is their mouthpiece – however unjust this particular notion might be.

Another interesting point is that if the Government is as strapped for cash as it seems to be, surely whatever funds would be realised from the Governments’ sale of CBC would be very welcome.

For that matter, I believe that they should sell the airport and one or two other entities that they currently own. They should do this sooner rather than later while these entities can still attract good prices.

Do not wait until deterioration of these entities or a lack of funds on the part of those who can afford to buy at present renders them at some future date unable to pay the asked for price to acquire these attractive possessions.