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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Urgent cases only

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Urgent cases only

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Professionals at a place known for controversy are only dealing with matters of the most urgent nature.

Word is that two major problems have hit their organisation, thereby necessitating this policy.

The first relates to the breakdown of critical equipment which the professionals use to keep their tools clean and functioning. Only one is said to be functional and that is in constant use and not easily accessible.

The second and more significant challenge is said to be that of contamination of some of their vital workspaces.

This week some people who went to the professionals for assistance had to be turned away because of this problem. In fact, the lovely, leggy lass running the show in one of these sensitive areas was reportedly overheard saying the place was so affected by a foreign matter that nothing could be done there until it was dealt with.

From what Cou Cou has been able to unearth, many professionals are aware of the situation but are unwilling to say anything about it because they do not want any more bad news circulating about the organisation. Even the union that represents these well paid, skilled workers is reluctant to say something as it doesn’t want to always be the whistle-blower.

In the meantime, it appears the bosses at the organisation are working feverishly to clean up, or at least contain, the problem and get the equipment functioning as well to avoid yet another media frenzy.

No meeting of the minds

A scheduled weekly meeting between certain people is said to becoming increasingly contentious, rather than a get-together of like-minded individuals who initially came together to pursue an ideal.

From the documented evidence in circulation, it would appear those considered to be the powerhouses in the group continue to butt heads over matters and – with seemingly not adequate enough adjudication to resolve the issues between them – the intensity of confrontations appears to be increasing.

Cou Cou has been reliably informed that when one of the powerhouses speaks, others listen – whether that individual has their facts right or wrong.

On the other hand, when opposing opinions are voiced, not enough serious contemplation seems to be given to these views. As a result, the group – and by extension the entity for which it is responsible – is not achieving its stated goals and appears to be aimlessly drifting.

Cou Cou has been told that some influential people, who care about the entity and had supported the present group to manage it, are bawling out for greater direction and an end to the internal confusion.