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Bajan instructor excels in Navy


Bajan instructor excels in Navy

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VIRGINIA BEACH – The Centre for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) has announced its Instructors Of The Year, and one hails from Barbados.

CPPD’s Senior Enlisted Instructor Of The Year is chief aviation maintenance administrationman (AW/SW) Shayla Holder, assigned to CPPD learning site at Dam Neck base as the command-managed equal opportunity course supervisor in addition to her instructor duties.

She is also pursuing a master’s degree in her off-duty time.

“I love interacting with the junior and senior sailors,” she said. “We equally learn and take away something from each other.”

Holder’s key to success with students is to keep things simple through good communication so that sailors understand the material and classroom discussions.

“Our primary duty, not collateral duty, is to facilitate or instruct. Therefore, being able to actively listen and effectively communicate with the student creates a safe and healthy environment,” she said.

Lieutenant Olusola Mahoney, CPPD learning site Dam Neck’s administration officer, said Holder was among the institution’s most impressive team members.

“Chief Holder’s motivation and desire to teach sailors is genuine and unfettered,” Mahoney said.

“Although she’s only been here for 18 months, which includes a four-month individual  augmentee assignment, she has proven her determination to be a great leadership instructor by her take-charge attitude and steadfastness.

“She is committed to reaching sailors and teaching them valuable leadership skills to take back to the Fleet.”

CPPD Commanding Officer Captain F. A. Reid said the command’s Instructors Of The Year embody the qualities of dedication and commitment that are key to impacting their students positively.

“These instructors are committed to helping their students develop the skills to think critically and make good  decisions based on strong moral courage and Navy core values. They are assets to CPPD as well as the Navy.”

CPPD is responsible for providing a wide range of personal and professional development courses and materials, including general military training, Navy instructor training, alcohol and drug awareness programme training, suicide and sexual assault prevention, bystander intervention, and personal responsibility classes.

The CPPD’s leadership training is delivered multiple times throughout a sailor’s career via enlisted leadership training material and officer leadership courses in a schoolhouse setting.

It also administers the Navy’s voluntary education programme, which provides sailors with the opportunity to earn college degrees. The centre additionally manages the United Services Military Apprenticeship Programme, which offers sailors the opportunity to  earn civilian apprenticeship certifications. (PR)