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Breathe a sigh of relief

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Breathe a sigh of relief

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It was the asthma attacks she had while growing up that triggered an interest in businesswoman Juliette Jules-Gill to find a healthy environment for herself and others like her.

Although the owner of Helping Hands Indoor Environmental Services has been operating this business for only a year, she knows chapter and verse about the importance of removing allergens from the environment.

Jules-Gill told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY that as activity slowed where she was employed as an office manager last year, she started looking at starting her own business full-time.

She knew she liked helping others, and back in 2006 she had a company also called Helping Hands which provided cleaning and caregiver services on a small scale.

“I knew I always wanted to help people and I had a vision of helping others.

“I saw hands holding up the world in the middle meaning I would help all nationalities,” she recalled.

As she researched a viable area for her to get into, she recalled the asthma attacks she endured and the relief she longed for.  

“I would remain elevated with my head on the pillows still unable to breathe freely and eventually ending up, as usual, in the hospital. As time went on and the frequency increased there was an increase in steroids and still the problem persisted relentlessly. I finally wanted to find some way of control; and when I visited an allergist he revealed that the allergen, including dust mites, triggered the allergic reaction . . . ,” she said.

Referring to the droppings of dust mites and cockroaches and animal dander found in mattresses, pillows, bed linens, and soft furnishings as “invisible guests” and “triggers”, Jules-Gill realised that those contributed to her chronic asthma attacks over the years.

She said that using clean, laundered sheets and pillows cases did not mean the environment was sanitised and neither was using a mattress cover over an un-sanitised mattress.

“Dust mites are found in virtually all homes, regardless of how clean they are, with the principal source of exposure in the home being the bedroom.

“The average bedroom can be infested with millions of microscopic dust mites, the ideal place for them to thrive and multiply.

“Research also shows that human beings shed dry skin cells and perspire daily and the dust mites just love it all and as they defecate it is actually the poop that triggers a reaction in us,” the businesswoman said.

The machinery, products and the process used, she explained, are geared specifically for dealing with allergens as well as for general maintenance in cleaning and sanitizing.

Not only does she clean houses but her company sanitises upholstery, rugs, drapes, pillows and mattresses in hotels, villas, condos and offices.

“We offer a three-in-one protection: we deep clean, sanitise the areas needed and offer an allergy treatment that will be beneficial to all,” Jules-Gill added.

The prospect of having a lucrative business was her dream but she is now motivated to help others like her who suffer from allergies as well as sensitizing people in general to the advantages of cleaning and sanitising their environment.

Jules-Gill said she has seen a greater public interest and people are now asking more questions regarding the maintenance of their indoor environment.

Noting that most of her clients are repeat customers, she is optimistic that her business will help others change their mindset about environmental matters.  

“I hope to see Barbadians sensitised by taking their actions more seriously in their homes and places of work. At the same time, my aim is to continue to provide a meticulous service, striving for excellence.  

“My company’s motto is Service Excellence and for any business there are challenges and hurdles along the way, but as long as you believe in your product or service, stay focused, set your standards high and you will continue to progress,” said the businesswoman. (Green Bananas Media.)