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Mistrial declared for man accused of stalking Ashanti


Mistrial declared for man accused of stalking Ashanti

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NEW YORK (AP) — R&B star Ashanti could have to face being questioned by an accused stalker again after a juror’s illness prompted a mistrial.

The Grammy-winning singer’s representative didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry Friday about the mistrial in Devar Hurd’s case.

It happened Thursday, two days after Ashanti told jurors she was scared and “disgusted” by Hurd’s alleged behaviour.

Hurd was representing himself, so he cross-examined her.

He’d been convicted in 2009 of stalking Ashanti’s mother by sending her crude text messages about her multiplatinum-selling daughter.

He served about two years in jail and was ordered not to contact the family.

Then the family realised in July 2013 that Hurd had been tweeting Ashanti X-rated messages and posed for a photo with her sister.

He says he meant no harm.