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CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: Proud to achieve decline in crime

Tyrone Griffith

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: Proud to achieve  decline in crime

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AT Christmas, we seek to ensure a safe and secure environment for our locals and visitors alike, and I have called on the men and women of the Royal Barbados Police Force to serve with an even greater smile, a more pleasant personality. 

I have asked that they exude that appearance and provide the presence and kind of police response that stimulates confidence and reassures our public that this wonderful land is still safe to traverse and enjoy. 

By this, your experience should be such that you feel comfortable seeking our assistance, confident relating to us and supporting us.

As we celebrate Christmas, we are proud and beaming with joy, having been able to reduce crime by an unprecedented 15 per cent despite the difficult socio-economic climate that prevails. In this regard I wish to thank the public for the support given, for we could not have achieved such a stellar performance without you.

I am passionate about the quality of service we offer the members of the public and so as we approach the 2015, we will do all in our power to ensure that criminal offending becomes a difficult proposition.  We will deepen our efforts to engage challenged communities and communities as a whole.

I urge business persons and householders to place emphasis on the security of their premises and to do your utmost to make visitors to our shores safe and comfortable.

I encourage you to share the spirit of the season by giving to those who are less fortunate. Spend a quiet moment to reflect on those who are sick.

As you celebrate with your family and friends, I implore you to consider your own safety and avoid vulnerable situations. You have our undertaking that with God’s guidance and your continued support, despite our challenges, we will provide the kind of service you have grown to expect.

On behalf of the members of the Royal Barbados Police Force and the civilian members of staff, I take this opportunity to extend to all, best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Christmas and healthy and fulfilling New Year.