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St Francis boys heading to Convent eventually


St Francis boys heading to Convent eventually

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THE BOYS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL of the Ursuline Convent School (UCS) should be moving home.

St Francis, which launched in October last year and opened in September, is currently housed in St Dominic’s Church, Maxwell, Christ Church, but there are plans for it to be relocated.

News of this came from UCS administrator Susan Chinnery during a meeting with parents today at the Collymore Rock, St Michael, school.

Chinnery said while plans were in place, there was no timeline in place as yet as negotiations were still ongoing for the former Caribbean Conference of Churches building.

Ironically, this building was once convent property but had been sold as there was no use for it at the time.

Chinnery assured parents the move would not allow the girls secondary school – St Ursula’s – to mix with the boys of St Francis as the timetables of the two schools would be staggered to prevent any mixing. (CA)