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DEAR CHRISTINE: Online comments to four-part letter

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Online comments to four-part letter

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Dear Readers,

AS INDICATED in yesterday’s Dear Christine column, today we share some of the comments that were posted at, in reference to last week’s four-part letter by A.C. which appeared from Monday to Thursday.

The comments are chronicled under their respective dates and headlines:

January 12 – Headline: Love Yourself Then A Partner:

Daneale O’Neale: Hope this applies to men too when they go through the process of choosing a life partner. Only women get hurt in this world.

Lloyd P. Gulston: I must say what you wrote is spot on. [This is] a very pertinent piece of advice to all the love-illiterate, stupid, blinded females seeking love.

Erica Murray: Come on now! We are not all love-illiterate, stupid and blinded! Some of us were raised by parents who sheltered us. Therefore when we got out in the world, we were like lost sheep. When I was 19, some girls my age were on their third child. Poor, silly me didn’t even know what a kiss felt like. The first time I was kissed I spat for days. Every man I’ve ever dated cheated on me. Was that my fault? Maybe! I wasn’t free with myself.

January 13 – Headline: Take Time Out To Know Your Partner:

Peggy Stoute Morin: Pretty good advice, but I hope someone will step up to the plate and offer the same sage advice to protect the “good” men from man-eaters, because this thing called relationship works both ways.

Janelle Atwell: There are good men out there but the good men always seem to attract the man-eaters and the good women always seem to end up with heartbreakers. I guess opposites really do attract! A.C. was very correct in her letter . . . when she said our emotions get us in trouble.

Erica Murray: You’re correct when you say good women end up with heartbreakers. I had to seek help in finding why a nice, loving woman like me was attracting heartbreakers. When I realised what was keeping me from finding a suitable companion, I swallowed my pride, sat down and I wrote a letter. Let’s say I’ve never felt better.

January 14 – Women Don’t Put Your Life On Hold:

Janelle Atwell: I don’t get it . . . . What’s with the “hurry to marry” thing? Same thing happened to my friend and I recalled recently reading about a man who experienced something similar. He was dating a lady in his church and she ended up making a fool of him by marrying someone else. Her reason was, she couldn’t wait on the first guy. If you’re planning to spend the rest of your life together, what’s the rush? I get suspicious when people are in a hurry to do anything (except leave a burning building).

January 15 – Women, Respect Yourselves:

NeeiD: It appears that men should be blamed for everything that happened in a bad relationship. All men don’t behave like this. What about those single and married women who show no respect for the other person they’re in a relationship/marriage with? Some women will get treat good, yet they will go all out to be destructive to the men. Both men and women behave like this to each other.

afmorgan: A.C., one of the reasons women subject themselves to this type of abuse is because they were exposed to it all their lives. At some point a woman needs to know her worth and not allow the love of a man to determine that. If you need a man to love you to determine your worth, then you don’t love yourself. Self-worth and self-love are the first steps to making better decisions. I’m glad you’ve realised what you deserve and are taking steps to ensure better decision making.

Janelle Atwell: Perfectly said, afmorgan! A dead-on summary of A.C.’s experience! She made many right choices like not rushing into marriage but I think the women in her family influenced her subconsciously – more than she realised. Self-worth, self-love and self-respect are everything. It starts in childhood where many children do not get the attention and affection they need. As adults, they look for it in their partners. I’m glad A.C. has decided to take responsibility for her choices and future.