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Forde queries Constituency Councils


Forde queries Constituency Councils

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WHAT IS THE Democratic Labour Party not saying about the funds plugged into the embattled constituency councils?

That is the question the Opposition Barbados Labour Party has for the Government five years and close to $40 million later, and with what the party perceives as nothing to show for it.

Having walked out from the House of Assembly on Tuesday and forfeiting the opportunity to speak to the amendments articulated by minister responsible Steve Blackett, Shadow Minister of Social Care Cynthia Forde responded to several areas during a Press conference at the office of the Leader of the Opposition this afternoon.

Forde focused on the fact that the number of people sitting on the council has now been reduced from 15 to the intended 11 as outlined in the original plan for the councils. Additionally, Forde said the number of people making a quorum was reduced from nine to six. (YB)