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Hoteliers told to get back-up energy


Hoteliers told to get back-up energy

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MINISTER OF TOURISM Richard Sealy is encouraging hotels and restaurants to have back-up energy systems, to avoid the problems they have been experiencing with natural gas supplies.

Hotels and restaurants around the island have been hit by natural gas shortages in the past few weeks that have resulted in disruption of business, and a host of complaints from restaurateurs and patrons.

In a brief response on the matter Thursday night, Sealy said he had  received “a good briefing” on the  situation from the Minister of  Energy Wednesday, and was given the assurance that while hotels were experiencing high levels of occupancy, the National Petroleum Corporation would ensure they had the supplies they needed.

He believed there were many reasons for the problems and he suggested that with the appropriate planning they could be avoided in the future.

The Minister spoke to the media on the gas problem after addressing a cocktail reception at George Washington House where Terra Caribbean launched its Blue Sky Luxury programme for repeat villa guests. (GC)