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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Shedding the excess weight

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Shedding the excess weight

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WITH THE Heart & Stroke Foundation reporting 14 heart attacks each month and three strokes every two days, a certain person is moving to avoid becoming one of those statistics.

This individual has noticeably lightened their load in recent months, reportedly through a diet programme along with exercise.

Though there has been talk that the individual looks unwell, Cou Cou has been told otherwise.

The person is just doing the right thing by trimming their excess fat.

We understand they have also limited their consumption to only what is essential.

In other words, this individual is trying to be a worthy example of what most Barbadians should be doing for their total health sake. For sure Professor Emeritus Sir Henry Fraser would be pleased.

Seeking help

A MAN WHOM many in the Caribbean would like to see the back of has reportedly turned to a noted professional for advice.

If what Cou Cou is being told is true, it seems the constant verbal battles across the several territories under his ambit have led to him taking this decision.

Cou Cou has been told the work involves helping to transform the manner in which this man deals with the seemingly perpetual crises he faces.

The problem, though, is that so many controversial incidents have occurred under his watch, that it is doubtful even the presence of an eminent king maker can uplift his profile.

Tax rumour

A DISTURBING RUMOUR is making the rounds that is filling those who would be most affected with dread.

The talk is that a Cyprus-type haircut scenario could be next for all those who have more than six figures in savings.

You would recall that two years ago in Cyprus that accounts of more than 100 000 euros in savings were “taxed” to help the major bank there.

From what Cou Cou has heard this talk about the possibility of something similar happening here gathered pace after the credit union tax was rolled out, and is being spoken of in hushed tones ever since.

Cou Cou sees such talk as dangerous however given the implications such a move would have on not only these large savers, but confidence in the economy in general.

Besides that, Barbados is no way near the volatile financial situation similar to how Cyprus found itself.

Cou Cou feels the Government should make a statement to put this talk to rest one time.

Cut down to size

A PERSON KNOWN for their impatience is said to be like a fish out of water these days.

The individual thought with a seemingly resentment of the leader of the organisation by those working in it, together with the support of an experienced staffer, that they would have been able to catapult themselves to the head of the entity.

But the embattled manager had other ideas. They chopped this grasshopper’s long legs off and reduced them to be just another worker.

Now this person is said to be asking around as to what should be their next move as they are nowhere.

That is, they have no major role and have been clearly sidelined possibly because of their links to those who have made it clear they do not wish the leader well.

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