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MAVIS BECKLES: Always something tuh talk ‘bout

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MAVIS BECKLES: Always something tuh talk ‘bout

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JUST LIKE HOW the Americans like tuh picket fuh all kinds o’ causes, Bajans like tuh get on pon the different call-in programmes and carry on ’bout evah single thing. Duh ain’t lack fuh nothing tuh talk ’bout, ya hear?

Look, duh only gotta hear ’bout something, anything, and duh gone clear, duh out tuh all like a pop kite.

You would notice dat duh ain’t talking much ’bout the politics now. Evahbody like duh get weary talking ’bout the Prime Minister and he boys: what duh doing and what duh ain’t doing.

Duh like duh come tuh realise dat nuh matter how much duh talk, holler and carry on, it like it falling pon deaf ears as the boys at the top gine ’long and doing wha’ evah duh want tuh do.

Duh like duh come tuh accept dat nuh matter who say what, Freundel Stuart ain’t saying nor doing a pang. It could be Standard and Rich, not Poor’s or mood swings not Moody’s, he ain’t budging, so duh like duh see it as a waste o’ time and gone on to other things.

Well in recent times it was ’bout the problems wid the Nigerians. Then it was the university stadium dat Hilary Beckles like he decide tuh call the Bolt Stadium.

Before dat could die down and just before the children could get back in tuh school good, there was the unresolved issues wid the teachers and the union.

So the teachers decide tuh take action, take matters in tuh duh own hands and do what they have tuh do.

Now it is something else. The talk is about the way how some children wearing duh hair tuh school and a teacher like she tell a child ’bout it and it get in the papers. Well, you know wha’ happen next. Yes! All kinds o’ natural hair, natty dread, corn-row, picky hair people jump on pon it and make a mountain outta a mole-hill.

I doan think the teacher got any kinda problems wid natural hair ’cause the majority o’ children does wear natural hair, but I think it might’ve been the way the hair was done on the particular day.

How come the teacher nevah talk tuh the child ’bout it before? It ain’t like she just start teaching from dat day. Now all kinds o’ people up in arms bout natural hair: the newspaper even bring back up the Quarless case from all dem years ago.

As far as I’m concerned all o’ dat ain’t call for. Evahbody know the type o’ hair we black people got and all the different ways we come along doing it but ya gotta give jack he jacket: some o’ the ways ya see schoolchildren, both boys and girls, wearing duh hair nowadays, ya does have tuh ask ya’self where the France dem going.

Look, I ain’t care what nuhbody say – some o’ these school girls does take this natural look thing too far. School is school and certain rules apply nuh matter if it is ya hair, ya uniform or ya shoes and socks – the overall look fuh both boys and girls should be dat of a schoolchild.

If ya doan mind, some o’ dem school girls would come tuh school half-naked. A lot o’ wunna people who getting pon the people radio and carrying on know very well that, as the old people does say, if ya give some o’ these students a inch, duh does tek a L and if ya gi’ dem a horse duh gine ride um past hell.

It means dat ya cahn let these schoolchildren get away wid the slightest o’ nothing nowadays. Otherwise, duh gine take advantage o’ the situation.

So it is all right fuh these so-called natural hair fanatics tuh lambaste the teachers.

I agree wid the schools: if it ain’t look right fuh school, make dem do it properly.