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PUDDING & SOUSE: Best of both worlds

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Best of both worlds

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IS IT TRUE that a certain individual was given a private contract to undertake and was paid over $4 million?

Is it true that this individual has been working on several private jobs even though he is not supposed to because of his public commitments?

The question still remains, however: why wouldn’t he settle his debt especially now that there is proof that he is cashing in on money?

These are definitely things that we need to discuss.

Boss in denial

Last week we told you about staff at a West Coast hotel who are being treated like second-class citizens by their bosses.

Imagine that when the article came out one of the bosses happily declared that’s not our hotel.

Really! This person needs to get a life and own up to the nonsense that has been going on, including short-paying staff their service charge.

Word has it that the union will soon be stepping in, so we will wait and see what will happen.

Parishioners in disbelief

Church members were highly disappointed that those in the hierarchy of the church who were recently in Barbados did not take the opportunity to publicly address the big white elephant hanging over their heads.

Some say the church is in shambles and several members are staying away, leaving some rural churches practically empty on Sundays.

They want to know why there was not a call for healing and why certain people were not chastised for their behaviour.

Many believe that it will take several years for this church, which has a rich history, to rebuild its damaged reputation and its congregation.

Bracing for fallout

Call it the mother of all bombs, but when it is dropped the explosion will be heard around Barbados and probably as far away as Niger River.

Pudding & Souse will be waiting for a reaction from the person at the centre of it all, but we doubt even an eyelid will bat.