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Smokey bringing new track

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Smokey bringing new track

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ENTERTAINER William ‘‘Smokey’’ Burke is set to release a “modern day oldie goldie” next week.

Are We Almost There is the name of the ballad he is hoping to have requested by lovers as they celebrate Valentine’s Day in two weeks.

“It is a love song and hopefully it resonates within the public and the dance hall. It is a song for three steppers. I will be taking it to the radio stations, the dance halls, where people go to dance on weekends, and to the DJ who plays at Q in the Community.

“It was produced at Palm Tree Studios by Ricky Brathwaite. I was in the studio for about three weeks and we just have to put on a guest saxophonist and a guest bass player,” he told the SATURDAY SUN.

The song, which he wrote in “about half hour”, was inspired by a personal experience “years ago” when he lived in Canada.

“I was taking someone home with me in Toronto and they kept asking, ‘are we almost there?’, it came out of that. I wrote it recently, last October.

“I have lots of songs or concepts and sometimes just a title in my head like “the girl pretty but she just can’t cook” which I had in my head for about 20 years before I sat down and wrote it,” he said.

The entertainer noted that some songs were written quickly, some took longer than others to write and were “almost like a production”.

“They just don’t flow. You start, you put it down, you nibble at it and then one day it just comes out of you. I’ve learnt to understand when that is happening not to force it. I think people can pick up when a song isn’t fluent, when the lyrics aren’t flowing,” he said.

Apart from his Crop-Over calypsos this year, Burke would like to release another single, “a cricket song” called Top Shot, prior to the English tour later this year. It has already been arranged and he is seeking sponsorship to enable him to do so.

Burke said that even though he has enough material to produce about two albums the cost is prohibitive and he is being cautious about releasing another CD given the response to the four already released, which includes From Then Till Now, which has all of his non-calypso songs.

He said that he sells most of the CDs himself and occasionally someone who purchased one would listen and tell him how good the songs were and ask why they were not played on the radio.

He added that the public was not familiar with most of his music because of the lack of airplay.

“I wouldn’t say I am daunted because I will record until I die,” Burke asserted.
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