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Smoke prevents morning classes at Alexandra


Smoke prevents morning classes at Alexandra

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CLASSES DID NOT get started at the Alexandra School this morning after smoke from a nearby rubbish fire enveloped most of the school compound.

Deputy Principal June Browne told THE NATION it was around 8:40 a.m. that the smoke started to affect the students and teachers and everyone was moved to the western side of the Queen Street, Speightstown, St Peter compound away from it.

She also said parents of those students who were asthmatics or were in distress were called to come and collect them; which they did.

The deputy principal said the Ministry of Education had been informed about what took place and officials at the school would continue to monitor the situation “minute by minute” but classes had not been suspended for the day.

At the time she spoke to, the students were at lunch. (Green Bananas Media)

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