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PUDDING & SOUSE: Washing his hands


PUDDING & SOUSE: Washing his hands

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CHAOS HAS STRUCK again at a church which has a reputation of getting rid of its leaders and falling victim to the embezzling of church funds.

Recently a well-loved, outspoken and controversial man of the cloth, who developed the church infrastructurally, numerically and spiritually, brought many to tears when he announced that he was taking a vacation and not coming back.

Members were angry and disappointed that this university-trained priest allowed himself to be pushed out by some shady, disgruntled members including a jealous musician, a homosexual who sent his wife and children to another church so he could pursue his dreams, and a loud-mouthed woman who was upset because she was stopped from handling the church’s money after it was discovered that she used church funds to buy a car and pay her mortgage.

Some congregation members who cried over the announced departure are trying to get the priest to change his mind and stay on, but it seems that he has had enough of the corruption and will not be changing his mind.

Peeping disgrace

Residents of a St Michael district would like a legal peeping Tom to understand that the more he looks the less he will see.

Apparently, instead of going to do his duties at Whitepark Road, this man is seen all hours of the day peeping and stalking a woman’s house. Sometimes he would even park his vehicle in front of the house and go somewhere else to make people believe that he is inside the house. But neighbours who are keeping watch would like him to stop ducking, peeping and hiding under the woman’s bedroom window and blocking the road with his vehicle.

They want to know why he can’t stay home with his wife since it is clear that this woman is not interested in him.

Hypocrites all

How can a well-known association discipline its young members when several members of its executive committee are facing charges in the courts which has to do with violence?

That is what the general body of the association is asking as they demand that these executive members who are in a legal bind step down.

People are saying that, going forward, the association would have to be circumspect in who it picks to sit on this important committee since this situation has brought it into disrepute.

Yet others are saying that the members who are facing charges can redeem themselves by making a good team should they all find themselves together at Dodds.

For instance, they say the lay preacher could lead the team in prayers before they hit the field while another member is well qualified to teach the game tactics.

A long-standing member should be very familiar with how Dodds is managed and will be suitable as a coach or technical director. However, he should never be in charge of the female team. The shortest of the group is considered a dictator, so he will perform well as tournament organiser or match commissioner.

We see a win on the horizon for Dodds should they participate in any games with such qualified men on their team.


What was a promiscuous young woman thinking when she sent her minibus side-man a photo of her private parts?

Well, it seems she wasn’t thinking at all because the picture has gone viral with her name attached to it so that everyone knows who the full head of hair belongs to.

The minibus driver she is so in love with not only posted it on Instagram and Facebook but also referred to her with a very derogatory name reserved for women who like to sleep around.

Her friends are now waiting to see if she would still allow this man to drive into the neighbourhood late at night blowing his horn and disturbing the peace, even while her staunch man, who is a mechanic, is at the house with her.