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Allison’s on Love track


Allison’s on Love track

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GOSPEL ARTISTE ALLISON NORVILLE-FORDE is ready to start making beautiful, inspiring music again.

She released a new single Love Done Right featuring Joel Brooks, around the middle of last month, a song she said was almost two years “in waiting”.

She told WEEKEND BUZZ that Brooks not only sings on the track but he wrote, produced, arranged and mixed it.

How did the collaboration on the song, which has an alternative sound to it, come about?

“Joel was one of my students and I was in my office and praying about the direction and how to do my next album because I’d had a lot of individuals asking me when I was going to do another song because I haven’t launched an album since 2010,” she said.

“I’m trying to get out there and hone my skills and try to bless individuals with my gift because I do believe that God has given me this gift to encourage and inspire people. To sit on my talent is like hiding it under a bushel and you don’t want to do that. You want to be able to bless others.”

During the last few years, the singer who gave you I Am A Winner, I Want To See Him, Alone With You and Not Alone, had a baby and her vision changed but she is up to the task of producing music and will be working with other writers as well as Brooks, whom she described as “gifted” when it comes to having an alternative sound.

“You have to know your strengths, I can write but I’m not as good as these other writers and so, if you’re going to come back you have to come back strong. You don’t want to come back with a song that might mean more work and so I spoke to Joel and the rest is history.

“[Love Done Right] took about two months, inclusive of the music video, and everything was wrapped up, I would say mid-December, but I had to go back about three times to do over the vocals,” said Norville-Forde, who is also a vocal trainer.

The artiste, who was singing in church all her life but professionally from 18 years old, noted that it was only when she and Brooks played back the recording that she realised her vocals were “that weak”.

“ . . . I had to rest for a week and go back in and when I did it was fantastic. I was really, really happy that we took time out to do it again,” she said with a smile.

Her future looks bright and she is ready to embrace it fully.

“I still have the other songwriters working on some projects for me. It is my intention to have an album out in the near future. The other writers, we’re still meeting and discussing, I really want this album to showcase my personality. Looking forward, I would say there’s going to be some soca gospel songs as well as some reggae gospel. I have some writers from overseas as well working on some pieces for me.

“I would say the best is yet to come. It’s looking really bright and I’m really grateful unto God for really and truly keeping it all together for me because when you pause God doesn’t. When you start back again God is ready and waiting to continue your journey for you.

“ . . . God is so patient that He waits on you. For His work is still in processes so He’s patient . . . and when you continue He starts back as though you’d never stopped. That’s what I love about God so I’m really excited about the future.

“This recording was really and truly encouraging for my soul, for my spirit, to know that God can use anyone. People would heap accolades on you, and say you’re this good but I don’t really buy into it because it is only Christ who really builds you up and sees you through. He knows you even before you were formed in your mother’s womb and so I am truly grateful for all He has done for me,” Norville-Forde said confidently. (Green Bananas Media)

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