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POLL: Lift sea egg ban


POLL: Lift sea egg ban

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IT IS TIME to lift the decade-long ban on harvesting of sea eggs (urchins).

That’s according to almost 700 of the people who voted in our online poll: “Do you think the sea egg ban should be lifted?”

Overall, 1 208 people voted, 58 per cent in the affirmative.

This comes in the wake of several people – some repeat offenders – being charged with harvesting in the close season.

In today’s Street Beat column by Carlos Atwell, several people also agreed it was time to end the ban, if only for a short time, as it was a means of earning money for some families.

Said Jenny Babb of Marley Vale: “It is time to put back a season in place, even if they could just put it back for a few months; a compromise would be good. People got to live and try to make an honest living,” she said.

Phil in Oistins added: “The sea eggs are out there plentiful and the men know that. That’s why people getting hold but the marine biologists are just assuming. Sea eggs are a Bajan delicacy and the ban should be lifted so that poor people can get at them.”

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That poll is now closed. You can vote in the current poll by scrolling along the right side of the page. (SAT)