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LOOKA LEW: No harm in a lash or two


LOOKA LEW: No harm in a lash or two

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HER MOTHER SCREAMED, “I tell she carry out de topsy this morning and she ain’t pay me no mind, but if she can’t hear, she gine feel!”

I was a li’l boy at primary school, when that woman marched into the classroom armed with a belt, she begged the teacher for five minutes and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of her daughter in front of the whole class.

It turned out that the girl forgot to carry out the potty that morning, something according to her mother she was always forgetting to do, so the mother decided that a good “cut-tail” in front of her friends would be enough to embarrass her and act as an incentive for her to take out the potty in the future.

Now it is that kinda thing that the Pope was talking about not doing. I ain’t know if you heard, but the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, said last week, that it was ok for parents to “cut” children’s backsides so long as they did it with dignity.

Well, of course, the pope had many people shocked, cause them got a lot of modern day people who don’t believe in hitting children and who were quick to say that the pope talking madness.

But I does say to each his own, if you don’t believe in hitting your kids it is up to you. But I come from the old school, I believe that if you spare the rod you does spoil the child, and sometimes taking away privileges don’t always work.

So I understand what the pope was saying about spanking and doing it with dignity. You could spank a child without embarrassing it or abusing it. ’Cause sometimes when you embarrass and abuse children they does rebel and behave even worse.

But let me tell you, a lot of people from back in the day didn’t use to beat you with dignity, no way.

Back then parents would beat children with tamarind rods, cou-cou sticks and string bags, all of which used to bruise and cut up their skin. Then after beating them some would even bathe them with salt water for good measure.

Seriously, it wasn’t no dignity, if you cheupsed at your parent or talked back, you could end up spending the whole day looking for your teeth; it was one hard slap in your mouth.

Li’l boys used to get their mouths burst for whistling in the house, cause only adults were allowed to whistle indoors. A woman even told me that after beating her, her aunt used to make her kneel down on rice grains.

I even heard stories about mothers and grannies rubbing hot pepper in the private parts of young girls who ignored their warnings about being in the company of a potential boyfriend or who they suspected were sexually active.

Well, I don’t believe in that kinda punishment, but like I said, I ain’t see nothing wrong with a lash now and then.

That is why it does drive me crazy, if I somewhere and a li’l child with its mother getting on bad for a snack, shouting and screaming, “I want corn curls! I want corn curls!” and although she said “no” a million times the child still getting on bad. Meanwhile, she just standing there like a idiot embarrassed ’cause she don’t believe in hitting him.

I does feel like just taking off my belt, walking past her and giving the child two hard lashes across its behind, seriously, and if she open her mouth, give her two hard lashes too. See ya.

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