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MAVIS BECKLES: Ya ain’t carrying nothing wid ya

Mavis Beckles

MAVIS BECKLES: Ya ain’t carrying  nothing wid ya

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YOU NOTICE HOW miserable and comfuse people getting on nowadays ’bout either a piece o’ land or house?If it ain’t my house, it is my land or my line mark or something tuh do wid claiming dat nuhbody, me nor you,  cahn carry nuhwhere.

Duh got some people who ownreal nuff land and if anybody approach dem tuh buy, not all but some o’ the land, you would believe dat dem gine lose something if dem sell off some. Some people does attach demselves tuh it, talking ’bout how it was in dem family fuh all these amount o’ years and nuhbody ain’t getting it, it is family land.

It does always amaze me whenI read ’bout these kinda feuds ovah something dat if we live tuh be asold as Mathusala, we still gotta dead and left it or tuh be as strong as Sampson, we cahn lift it up and carry it ’long. All the lot o’ bickering ’bout this being mine or thine – next thing ya up and dead and the same houses and lands there and the children couldn’t care less ’bout it, so they up and sell off evah piece and wash off evah cent pon all sorts o’ things dat if it was possible, you would come back from where evah you is and kill evah one o’ duh.

Ya know wha’ does got me?None o’ we cahn carry ’way wha’ ain’t belong tuh we. The land ain’t belong tuh we.  All o’ this land, this earth, this ground or whatevah you choose tuh call it, belong tuh God. Like it or lump it and all o’ we got tuh go ’long ’bout we business when the time come and leff it where it is.

My Bible tell me dat the earthis the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they dat live therein.As I understand it, dat means dat even me or you ain’t belong tuh weself nor nuhbody other than tuh God. My thing is this: if it is yours and you doan want nuhbody tuh come pon it, well,I think you should dig it up andwalk ’bout wid it pon ya back likea African snail.

I doan know if people ain’t realise yet dat the happiest creatures in the world are the birds and animals; nutten ain’t belong tuh dem and duh does still enjoy evah single thing, even more than me or you. We humans want what is ours and what is somebody else’s too. Killing weselves day after day tuh get all and evahthing.

We want the biggest house, the best and most expensive vehicles, brand-name gear and we want tuh playing we eating all the richest foods because we want tuh live large and look important. Next thing ya know we cahn enjoy all dat we killing weselves ovah ’cause we got gout and a big guts, cahn walk in the expensive alligator shoes and the doctor smiling; all because we humans feel dat we have tuh have it all and it is we wun.

Now the time comes when yagotta leave this earth and all thelot o’ things like the houses, land, clothes, money, food and friends datya kill ya’self and fight tuh hold on pon all the years. The only things dat gine be going wid you is a suit o’ clothes dat you might not even like but somebody choose tuh bury you in.

Ya gine be full up wid somenice cotton wool and fluid tuh preserve ya till ya get buried. Then they willput you in a very nice coffin orcasket – not the big houses, thelot o’ land nor cars. Evahthing elsegine get left behind fuh other people tuh enjoy.

So you understand what I mean by killing ya’self ovah things dat ya cahn carry nowhere?

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.