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DEAR CHRISTINE: Cheater won’t support children


DEAR CHRISTINE: Cheater won’t support children

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Dear Christine,

I LIVE ALONE and have two children whose father is not contributing to their upkeep. He stopped supporting them after I left him because he had another woman.

It was not like this was the first time we had been down that road, so to speak. That was the fourth woman he had on me throughout our seven years in a relationship.

I have heard about women who put their partners or former partners in court when they do not support their children. In my case, I do not want to put him in court, because I do not hate him. I just want money for the children.

My pleading does not help. Christine, what should I do now?

– BK

Dear BK,

While I hear you speak on the fact that it is not your desire to put the father of your children in court because you do not hate him, you may have to ask yourself if you love this man more than you do your children. Also, ask yourself, who is suffering the most because of his behaviour?

It bothers me that innocent children often have to pay for their parents’ mistakes and wrong choices.

The Magistrates’ Court is there to ensure that you receive financial support for these children, and you have the right to take him to court if he refuses to support them.

The fact that this man has been unfaithful to you time and time again sends a clear signal that he will continue to be unfaithful. What do you have to lose by putting the welfare of your children first?

Still, I believe that to give him at least one more chance you should speak to him about supporting the children. If he refuses, then leave him in the hands of the law.