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Are teachers above being disciplined?


Are teachers above being disciplined?

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Help me to understand why teachers are allowed to blatantly display disruptive, errant, ungovernable behaviour and absolutely nothing is being done to discourage it.

If a child was constantly dropping out of school, he or she would be punished. That would be called truancy.

If a worker in the private sector was making a habit of not turning up for work, or finding things to do during working hours other than what they are being paid for, there is no way that employee would still have a job.

What is so difficult about disciplining teachers?

The Ministry of Education needs to start enforcing the laws they made to govern teachers to prevent them becoming “a law unto themselves”.

It is obvious that this bunch of teachers no longer want their jobs, so take them out of  their misery – find replacements. Because it can’t still be about [Parkinson Memorial principal] Jeff Broomes since he refuted all their allegations and brought proof to the public.

In the past, teachers took that job because they wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.

Not so today; most people take up teaching because of the long vacations – and that is proven daily with the amount of time teachers spend outside of the classroom.

Some schools end earlier than 3 p.m., yet teachers can only have their meetings during the hours that they should be teaching.

There are a lot of qualified ppeople out there who applied for these positions but there were no vacancies.

Perhaps now would be a good time to apply.