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LOOKA LEW: Votes not cheap


LOOKA LEW: Votes not cheap

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MAN LOOK, they could preach like Peter and pray like Paul, come next election day, people gine still be buying and selling votes like sno-cones on Kadooment Day.

And the reason why people gine be willing to sell their vote, is because they realise that their vote worth nuff money.

Now listen to me carefully; I am not suggesting that there are politicians who go around with pancart loads of money paying people to vote for them. Neither am I saying that there are politicians who hide behind closed doors and give agents bags o’ money to pay people to vote for them. I ain’t got no proof ’bout nothing so, so I ain’t giving my mouth that liberty.

I can only assume that last election, there were some people with nuff money, who unknown to the political candidates, took it upon themselves to pay people to vote for their man or woman. That is my story and I sticking to it.

Anyhow, I don’t care how much legislation they looking to bring to fine or lock up people for buying or selling votes, if you think that last election vote buying and selling was bad, well it gine be ten times worse next time.

And I gine tell you why, it gine sound bad saying this, but it is true. A lot of Bajans, especially the young people, don’t trust politicians. If you ask them, they will tell you they believe all politicians is the same and all political parties is the same, that is why politicians does feel so comfortable jumping from one party to the next.

Seriously, I know it sounds bad, but there is a whole heap of Bajans who believe that politicians don’t care nothing ’bout them and they only care ’bout themselves, so if they want their vote they have to pay for it.

These people don’t care who in or who out, them ain’t care which party win or lose, cause as far as they concern, whoever in or out, they still have to struggle and look for food. They will tell you, that the very next day they get elected, the same fella or lady who came to them on bended knees asking for their vote, does pass them at the bus stop in hot sun or rain, in his or her air-conditioned car, with the windows roll up.

Look, nuff people brek, unemployed, and fighting to pay bills and buy food. Last election day they would have seen their friends getting hundred dollar bills to vote, so next election they gine want some o’ that sweetness too. So a lot of them ain’t leaving home or on the block to go and vote for free, so that a politician could get big salary, drive fancy car and forget ’bout them.

I know it sound bad, and I know you probably saying that people should treasure their vote, something which their foreparents worked hard and even sacrificed life and limb to get the right to do.

I know you saying that them got countries where some people can’t vote, and people here should be proud to know they have the right to contribute to deciding on who runs the country.  But I telling you, nuff people don’t care ’bout that.

They will tell you, if you want their vote, well forget the long talk ’bout what in the manifesto and what you promise to do, instead walk with your wallet, bring money and come and the vote is yours, and that is the gospel truth.

See ya.

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