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On point with ON Media

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On point with ON Media

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Do you remember the Brothers Grimms fairytale of Rumplestiltskin who spun straw into gold for the miller’s daughter?

Although Nicole Layne has no straw and no gold she has found a way to turn the hours she spends on facebook into a viable business – ON Media – which she started last year after quitting her job at a hotel.

She has teamed up with two others, and what started out as a social media business has grown, as more people are becoming interested in what they have to offer.

“We do anything online from website building, website management, social media management, email blasts, logo creations, anything digital that can be created online. We are currently looking at other products we can bring, unique things we aren’t seeing in Barbados at the moment.

“I take care of the business side and the social media and they each have their specialty, one will build websites, the other will do the designs for fliers.

“. . . As we get jobs for things that one of us don’t do, we have freelance people that we call on. So it’s basically a network of young professionals in the area of digital, marketing, website building and IT,” said the former assistant manager.

Layne said she is “online literally all day every day”.

“I wake up at 6 a.m., I go through till about 12 p.m. I’ll probably spend an hour of that time eating or doing other things, literally. If I’m away from my computer I have it [facebook] on my phone so I’m always literally connected.

“After I quit my job I figured ‘why not do something that you’re doing anyway and get paid for it’. They always say when you do something that you like it’s not considered working so I just figured I’m already doing

it anyway. I already have a couple online businesses so it’s just like a graduation from one to the next.

“As I’m always on facebook and social media, I decided I could do social media as a job. [I wanted] something stress-free, something I liked doing, something that you didn’t mind putting in the long hours for, something that’s your own, that you’re your own boss and the only person that will beat you up is yourself.

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“Having your own business gives you a better sense of empowerment, self-worth and actualisation. You can be the boss instead of working for a boss. When you’re working for yourself you work hard to reach the results that you want, if you slack off then you would see it directly reflected when the money time comes,” she told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.

She is advising business people to market their products and services where potential customers are, given that fewer and fewer people are using traditional sources of information.

“If you want to know something you go on facebook, you go on Twitter, Instagram, which is huge for businesses now. It’s just the way things have evolved so you have to keep up with it . . .  you have to be driving the bandwagon.

“If you see a trend you need to get on top of it and I think social media and digital marketing is a trend that actually will not go away any time soon unless the internet blows up,” she said matter of factly.

Layne said that she likes working with small business owners whom she said should not stay away from marketing and promoting themselves because of little or not funds.

She said her company was flexible in terms of its prices and packages which could be tailored to suit a client’s needs and budget. Her advice to young people contemplating getting into her line of business is simply to know the medium they are getting into and be prepared to put in the effort to be successful.

What sets Layne’s business apart from the others?

“ON Media is young, its fresh, all of our designs, our websites even our emails are fresh. We try to incorporate new technology in what we do. We are finding opportunities to do things that haven’t been done before in Barbados. We’re going to be bringing new and innovative ideas to the market shortly.

“We don’t work with the usual. We cut up that box a long time ago. We are outside of the box in the way we think, in the way we do things. We work with people [and] we’re going places,” she asserted.