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Pulling rank


Pulling rank

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SPECTATORS AT THE SKY MALL, Haggatt Hall, St Michael, watched in awe as competitors performed feats of strength in a truck-pulling event over the weekend.

It was all part of the show that also included a display of cars and a modelling segment for the Sky Mall Super Sunday.  

Cheered on by those on hand in the car park, the five men and two women took on the challenge of hauling a five-tonne truck 30 metres in a race against time.

The winner of the strength challenge pull, organised by Flawless Performance Centre and Cloud Nine, was Sherwin Bryan, with Lorenzo Headley second and Cole Yates third.

Michelle Wiggins recorded the best female time. She said she came out to show what was possible for women to achieve.

The triumphant Bryan came to watch at the urging of a friend, but ended up competing. (AC)

Above, Bryan pulling off his victory cheered on by Yates. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)