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GAL FRIDAY: That mysterious secret place


GAL FRIDAY: That mysterious secret place

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THE BOYS JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN. A “man-cave” they call it. Well, I know about a man-cave in St Philip where no women are allowed. I can’t tell you whose it is, because Kathy-Ann Bynoe will say I only like to put people’s names in the paper. I also know about a man who lives in a naturally formed cave in St Thomas and I know a few people who went to Cave Hill.

But all the hulabaloo this week was about two guys in Toronto who built a tunnel near the Rexall Centre which is to host tennis events for the Pan Am Games.

According to the police, “It started out as a goal to make a cool place to hang out; and they did.” So imagine yourself randomly walking in the forest (not sure why you would be walking alone in the forest, but try to imagine) and you but-up-pun a little bunker, with ply wood like it freshly come from Northern Lumber Company or somewhere so.

You see soft drinks, a generator and some pumps (not sneakers). What would you think?

In these days of all kinds of craziness, I could tell you I wouldn’t be looking for no baby, mama or papa bear.

In fact, one of my friend’s baby-mamas said she would run fast in the opposite direction, since it might be “Al-Jazeera or something so.”

(Apart from her mixing up a news agency with a terrorist group, she was also mixing some strong drinks, so let’s excuse her for that.)

But seriously, I would be very suspicious if I encountered anything so.

 I think I would use my Breitling Emergency watch like that orange one Vic Fernandes  always sporting; and pull the crown out so that the satellite people would locate me in a few minutes.

(After all, I am walking aimlessly in a forest, I may as well be wearing a fancy watch, right?)

Anyway, back to this man-cave concept. I wonder if that’s a secret place some of these fellas around here go, when we can’t find them at all. And then when they re-emerge, they come back looking all refreshed and happy.

My wondering caused me to do a bit of research into this thing; and while all the men perhaps secretly know about it already, this is for the benefit of the male pariahs who may not know…and for the prying females like me who want to find out.

According to Tufts University it is “the last bastion of masculinity, a male area in which to retreat.”

The man-cave may be adorned with pin-ups, sports memorabilia and furnished with sofas, video games and other indulgences for males. In this age of gender-based equality and so forth, I propose that we women have girl-nooks; and hide away for a little while too.

If the men want to find out what’s in our nooks, we shall deny them that look-see. Then they will know how it feels to be deprived of access to the nook.

Veoma Ali is an author, broadcaster, advertising exec and most important, a karaoke lover.