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Government committed to tourism industry


Government committed to tourism industry

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GOVERNMENT IS COMMITTED to ensuring that visitors feel safe, wanted and comfortable when they come to Barbados.

This assurance came from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart on Wednesday night, when he hosted a reception for repeat visitors at Ilaro Court.

Stuart said Government authorities had to make sure that the infrastructure, hotel plant, and sights and scenes across the island were suitable. He added that security for Barbados was not just a matter of having policemen on the streets and soldiers assisting them in their patrols, but an issue of development.

“No matter what else we have in place, when visitors come here and they don’t feel safe, all of what we have in place goes through the window and is of no account. So, we have to make sure that our security is right. The Royal Barbados Police Force has done an excellent job in ensuring that our security is right, but our citizens, law-abiding for the most part as they are, make sure that is right as well,” he continued.

He noted that many things were beyond the capacity of citizens to determine, but stressed that the setting of the highest standards for themselves was not one of them.

Stuart said that over the years Barbados had done a commendable job in pursuing those high standards, but added that it would not rest on its laurels. He insisted that the pursuit of excellence was not a destination, but a journey. “And every day, in everything we do, we have to constantly be determining that we will do better,” he suggested.

He also encouraged the visitors to let officials here know how their service could be improved. “I hope that when you see areas in which you think we can do a little better that you will not hesitate to let us know because our commitment is to the pursuit of higher standards and excellence,” he told the gathering.

The Prime Minister thanked the visitors for the confidence they displayed in the country by regularly returning for vacations.

Some of those present at the reception included Lewis and Diane Elsworthy of the United States of America, who have visited Barbados over 100 times; and Ralph and Janet Marson of the United Kingdom, who are on their 63rd visit. (BGIS)