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Lush and lovely


Lush and lovely

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The new owners of Fustic House opened their beautiful grounds to the public last Sunday.

Avid patrons roamed the spacious grounds, an 11 and a half acre paradise.  Manicured lawns, fustic trees (not found in many parts of our island), mahogany, frangipani  and many others too numerous to mention, flowering shrubs such as thunbergia, star jasmine, begonias, bougainvillea, to name but a few, inunate this lovely ground.

Many varieties of philodendron, bird’s nest ferns, alocasias ornamental grasses abound, and the spacious terrace to the west affords a panoramic view of the West Coast, inviting one to sit and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings. The dining room opens onto the terrace and well known Barbadian artist Hilary Armstrong has just completed three beautiful murals for the dining room.

The many paved paths to the different levels and terraces in the garden make for easy access to most areas. The unusual swimming pool appears to be almost carved out of the rock face on one of the terraces. There are several pools with fountains, fish such as tilapia and koi, water lilies, a massive Amazonia lily and lotus not prevalent in many gardens in Barbados. The wooden deck overlooking the swimming pool provides yet another view of the garden and on one level a new grove of several types of palms has recently been planted.

These spacious grounds with the many trees provide plenty of shade and space for exploring or for the less adventurous, easy ambling around, enjoying the cooling breezes and ambience of the surroundings.