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ALTAR CALL: God’s pouring out ‘abundance’


ALTAR CALL: God’s pouring out ‘abundance’

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This is the “season of abundance” for Barbados.

This was the message conveyed to the congregation of Church of Signs and Wonders by Prophet Belfield Belgrave last Friday night.

The pastor of this ministry, located at Aberdeen Centre, Silver Sands, Christ Church, said there was an “abundance of rain” in Barbados and “God was calling His people to be determined and make up their minds to look again” at what He was doing in the island.

With hearts and hands lifted to God in praise and worship, many of the believers present pressed into the presence of God seeking change, transformation, deliverance, healing and the fire of God in their lives. There was a heightened anointing of the Holy Spirit over the service.


Money, healing

Belgrave based his message on 1 Kings 18:40 – 43, where, after Elijah destroyed the false prophets of Baal, he told King Ahab: “Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain . . . .”

According to Belgrave, “there is a sound of the abundance of rain in Barbados in this season”.

He said after Elijah had told the young man to go and look seven times, he reported to Elijah that he had seen something like a man’s fist.

“As the time of revival in Barbados continues, God is saying that this is indeed the season for the abundance; abundance of money, the abundance of healing, the abundance of deliverance. God is getting ready to give His people the abundance.”

The minister said many people had received prophecy after prophecy and nothing had changed, nothing seemed to have happened; but he noted that God’s message to the people of Barbados was: “Look again. The abundance of rain is here.”